Germaine Greer and “Misogeny”

I find it interesting to reflect on recent events with Gemaine Greer. It raises a number of questions about free speech. I’m going to attempt to articulate a thought that I have about what is going on perhaps behind the headlines.

First of all the context. Greer was due to give a speech at Cardiff University regarding women and power in the 20th century, arguing that there has been a triumphalistic approach to the history of this. Protests were made against her speaking not on the basis of this assertion but about a comment she maid of Caitlyn Jenner not being a woman in her view which some responded to with aggressive accusations of misogyny. As a result, she decided not to give the talk.

So has it become a no-go area for ant criticism to be made of women and power being triumphalist?

It would seem that an opinion made of someone transgender is not accepted but to express similar rhetoric about men is. It’s become a bad day when someone cannot express an opinion in a university which in principle promotes free speech without fearing for their own safety.

Has mob rule become the order of the day?